E-commerce Services

Below listed are our E - Commerce Services:

Amazon Fly

A flat file that goes as per the requirement of Amazon is created and uploaded on Seller Central. Our Amazon fly service also helps in registering products without bar codes (UPC exemption) on your behalf. This service is especially designed for customers wanting to set up their business on Amazon.

Amazon Account Management

With this special service of ours, an exclusive and personalaccount manager is appointed to take care of your business operations taking place on Amazon. From start to end, it is our responsibility to check if the business is running smoothly and we take complete onus of your Amazon store.

Amazon Guaranteed boost

One of the most important services is Amazon Guaranteed boost. This aims at boosting the sales of our customer's products. We have a dedicated team analysing market trends and working towards creating a sales boost of our client's products. This brings multiple benefits to our clients. The entire process starting from account creation, works completely according to the e-commerce platform guidelines.

Amazon Brand Registry

We help you keep your registered trademarks on Amazon safe and create a trustworthy experience for your customers. The Amazon Brand Registry enrolment provides access to powerful tools such as proprietary text and image search, predictive automation based on your reports of suspected intellectual property rights violations, and increased authority over product listings under your brand name.

Amazon Store Front

This is the most impactful service offered to a business owner. It has generated employment for a lot of people worldwide and is recognized to be an innovative feature of Amazon. This gives the buyer a personalised feel of an online store, taking care of their personal needs and giving them special attention as per their requirements.

Amazon FBA

This special feature by Amazon lets you store products under Amazon fulfilment centres. Amazon picks, packs, ships and delivers these products on its own. This feature helps you reach higher number of customers without any hard work from your side. This saves on your resources and as an added bonus your products are always eligible for Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping, FREE Shipping, and numerous other benefits.

Amazon A + Cataloguing

A + cataloguing refers to the A + enhanced content created for your page and Amazon boosts the pages with A + content. As a result, your reach increases and you get to be at the top as compared to other sellers. By creating a full dynamic view of your products with A + content, you'll attract more customers and this will reap you multiple benefits.

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Flipkart Account Management

Flipkart is one of the most used ecommerce platform by customers for purchasing any products or goods. Even it is the India's favorite place to sell online product or goods. Ecom Multi Service has a key certification to provide Flipkart Marketplace Services. We have a separate team of Flipkart experts to deliver the effective results. Ecom Multi Service helps you in selling online in the Indian leading ecommerce marketplace whether you are Vendor, Supplier or Manufacturer. Ecom Multi Service provides end to end services with the team of vastly experience in Ecommerce to go online in Flipkart.

Account Setup

First thing is to get register your business on Flipkart and create Seller account in 3 steps:
o First step is to create account with your info and your business category.
o Second step is to complete your Verification Details of your contact number, address and your business category (like - lifestyle, FMCG, home and etc.).
o Final step is to complete Seller Information and fill your complete business details, like - business name, PAN, TAN or GSTIN ID and bank account details and with your store details and description.

Brand & Category Approval

Once setup your selling account and verify all the details. Next step is to upload Brand Authorization Letter or Trademark that you already have from the Brand and get the approval from Flipkart on brand and category that the products you want to sell.

Listings & Catalog Management

Manage your product listing and catalog. In which, our Flipkart Experts provide you step-by-step process of listing to fill your all product details and products images with all necessary information that helps consumer to find your products easily.

Product Description

At SSP, we have a team of professional Flipkart Experts along with Content Writers having very rich experience only in Ecommerce Marketplace that handle your product description and present in an attractive way.

Product Images Shoot & Editing

We have complete resources to conduct your Photo Image Shoot with different and right angles along with a team of professional Photo Editors that handle your all product image editing process. Product Images Shoot & Image Editing process helps to look attractive your product image and give amazing experience to the consumers.

Order Management

Our Experts give you full support and handle your all Order Management process with 100% accuracy and transparency with you. Once order generate then our experts will inform you. And schedule the date of shipping when shipping agent comes to you and collect product and deliver to the right person.

Returns & Seller Protection

Our team will manage and handle your all returns process. And provide you complete protection against fraud buyers through Seller Protection Fund (SPF). In future, any frauds will happen then our professionals helps you to get the compensation according to the case & category and claim through SPF to Flipkart on the behalf of you.

Business Setup on Flipkart is really easy

Flipkart is one of the leading Ecommerce with maximum online reach. And with our Flipkart professionals setup your business on Flipkart is really easy. Ecom Multi Service always ensure that our Flipkart Marketplace Services helps to generate effective productivity in just 5 steps.

Step-1. Set-up your Account
Step-2. Listing Products
Step-3. Start Selling
Step-4. Easy Shipping
Step-5. Big Earning

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Amazon Training

We help you to sell on Amazon with combination of effective practical and theoretical knowledge from the expert of Amazon in order to get enhanced knowledge of amazon seller central starting from registration, listing, inventory management, order management, advertising optimization, performance understandings and sales boost.

Seller can opt among these modules; the programs include a comprehensive list of topics covering all the major key points.

Module 1

- Inventory Management
- Update Price and Quantity
- Order Management

Module 2

- ODR Management
- LDR Management
- PCR Management
- RDR Management
- Notification Management
- Methods of Suspension Prevention

Module 3

- Single Product Listing
- Bulk Product Listing
- Existing one product Listing
- Existing bulk product Listing
- Bulk product modification
- Price and Quantity update
- Shipping override file use

Module 4

- FBA Registration
- FBA Shipment Creation
- Appointment for FC

Module 5

- Campaign Management
- Manual Campaign Creation
- Automatic Campaign Creation